Sunday, 20 March 2011


Although reading the next short story can prevent you from suffering severe pain and humiliation, it portraits hard to swallow graphic imaginary descriptions. Reader discretion is advised. Saying that, we're ready to rumble:
When I finally finished my business and opened the door, I was amazed to see so many people (with unsatisfied faces) waiting in line to get in. How was I supposed to know that high altitude combined with murky flight meals causes severe constipation (or as I prefer to call it a stuck "turtle head")?!  Besides, it's not my fault the Bulgarian plane (if you can call it that) had only one toilet working.  Unfortunately the plane also had an extremely narrow passageway which made the "walk of shame" even worse as I had to look in the eyes of every person waiting in line (and I can assure you they didn't look very friendly) and if that's not enough, just as I was finishing "the walk" my son saw me coming from a distance and had to shout "Dad, how long does it take to crap?!". That's about as close as I ever got to open the emergency exit in the middle of a flight!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ant Invasion

"How can you be so insensitive" she said and I froze holding the bucket of water in my hand thinking maybe the thorough analysis I made before the wedding wasn't as complete as I thought. "what's the problem now?" I asked "didn't you ask me to destroy the ant-nest?!". She looked at me without hiding her disappointment and said "you have no heart! For three days now we have been watching the images from the tsunami in Japan and you couldn't find a more humane way to get rid of the ants?!". After a moment of silence I reacted with "o.k., so where does it put me now? Before Charles Manson on the list?". "You don't have to be so sarcastic all the time! You could've just used the ant-repellant!".  "Ant-repellant?!" I answered with hidden satisfaction "how can you be so insensitive?! You know my grandfather was a survivor of Auschwitz!". She looked at me for a few seconds and then turned her back and left for the kitchen. Oh well I thought. I hope I have enough porn to get through the next few weeks…
On the music side of things... yesterday i have been informed that my "Black Box" album has been chosen as album of the year by "Rolling Stone Magazine"!!! I was so excited to hear the news that i fell off the bed and woke up. On the other hand (as i mentioned on my last post), I have been chosen by Jay Adkins the presenter of the N.U.A. show on OFF THE CHARTS RADIO -UK to be the weekly artist played in the "Masterpieces - one album played in full" which is very flattering and appreciated.
I've also added to this blog a new gadget with links to "BLACK BOX" album reviews (on the bottom right corner).
For the Israeli crowd, you can now purchase the "Black Box" in the following stores:
"Disk Center", Dizengoff ctr., Tel Aviv
"Ktzat Aheret". Pinsker 41, Tel Aviv
"Pikolo", Naharia
"Daf Halak", Kiryat Shmone
"Musroom" pub (home base)
and also in the excellent I LOVE MUSIC internet store.

Apart from that, next week i will clear the fog regarding the issue with the social workers/family violence rumor (i will supply you with a video with all the evidence). BTW, for those who don't know me, I'd like to remind that this Pink Box is the sarcastic left side of my brain and you should always take it in suspicious manner. If you or anyone might be offended by anything written here, you should BOO HOO yourself, then call yourself a CRY BABY, then slap yourself for being too sensitive and if all that doesn't help, contact me and i'll have it removed (after i send a few people to embarrass you at your workplace).

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Black Box update

I've been rocking the boat hard since my "Black Box" was released following severe contractions and labor pain. After 5 years of pregnancy its impossible going back to my old figure but I'm trying to adopt my new one with cautious suspicion and open eyes. I found out that releasing my baby alone is not enough and it needs nursing and the occasional diaper-change. Unwilling to work with a PR company, my chances of reaching music lovers around the world are about 145,652,235 to 1, but I am determined to take as many "natural boosts" as I need to keep me dreaming.
Having released my album only a month ago, I must admit I'm surprised at the amount of enthusiastic reactions from so many people around the world which is very flattering yet very dazzling. Most of the praise comes from people of the "vinyl generation", people who glued enough torn cassette tapes in their life, people who know the real feeling of opening a new vinyl record and putting it under the needle for the first time. People who can appreciate soft toilet paper (yeah, that last one was out of place). The younger audience I find more suspicious of my album and maybe they should be, maybe it takes some life experience and fallen hair to appreciate it (or hate it)!
I know some of you are upset I didn't inform on radio shows I've been a guest on for interviews and live playing but that's what you get when you are…..
Oh well, I'll try to get some of the recorded material and upload it here soon for the exceptionally bored! Saying that, I have to brag that I've been having some success on some Israeli major and local radio stations as well as radio stations in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany and Britain.
I was informed that "Off the Chart" internet radio in the U.K. (that already played a few songs from the album) will be playing the whole album (including the song in Hebrew) as part of the N.U.A. show which will be broadcasted this Saturday 12th March (16:00-19:00 UK time). The album will be played In the middle of the show, here's a link
Apart from that soon will be published an interview on Somojo Magazine (also in the U.K.) and have had many requests from album reviewers around the globe and lots of interest from different music blogs. I promise to publish the reviews here as long as they're good J or funny J or edited J
That's about as much PR as my conscience enables me to do, I'll try to keep it controlled so you guys won't be bored to death…