Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ant Invasion

"How can you be so insensitive" she said and I froze holding the bucket of water in my hand thinking maybe the thorough analysis I made before the wedding wasn't as complete as I thought. "what's the problem now?" I asked "didn't you ask me to destroy the ant-nest?!". She looked at me without hiding her disappointment and said "you have no heart! For three days now we have been watching the images from the tsunami in Japan and you couldn't find a more humane way to get rid of the ants?!". After a moment of silence I reacted with "o.k., so where does it put me now? Before Charles Manson on the list?". "You don't have to be so sarcastic all the time! You could've just used the ant-repellant!".  "Ant-repellant?!" I answered with hidden satisfaction "how can you be so insensitive?! You know my grandfather was a survivor of Auschwitz!". She looked at me for a few seconds and then turned her back and left for the kitchen. Oh well I thought. I hope I have enough porn to get through the next few weeks…
On the music side of things... yesterday i have been informed that my "Black Box" album has been chosen as album of the year by "Rolling Stone Magazine"!!! I was so excited to hear the news that i fell off the bed and woke up. On the other hand (as i mentioned on my last post), I have been chosen by Jay Adkins the presenter of the N.U.A. show on OFF THE CHARTS RADIO -UK to be the weekly artist played in the "Masterpieces - one album played in full" which is very flattering and appreciated.
I've also added to this blog a new gadget with links to "BLACK BOX" album reviews (on the bottom right corner).
For the Israeli crowd, you can now purchase the "Black Box" in the following stores:
"Disk Center", Dizengoff ctr., Tel Aviv
"Ktzat Aheret". Pinsker 41, Tel Aviv
"Pikolo", Naharia
"Daf Halak", Kiryat Shmone
"Musroom" pub (home base)
and also in the excellent I LOVE MUSIC internet store.

Apart from that, next week i will clear the fog regarding the issue with the social workers/family violence rumor (i will supply you with a video with all the evidence). BTW, for those who don't know me, I'd like to remind that this Pink Box is the sarcastic left side of my brain and you should always take it in suspicious manner. If you or anyone might be offended by anything written here, you should BOO HOO yourself, then call yourself a CRY BABY, then slap yourself for being too sensitive and if all that doesn't help, contact me and i'll have it removed (after i send a few people to embarrass you at your workplace).

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