Thursday, 10 March 2011

Black Box update

I've been rocking the boat hard since my "Black Box" was released following severe contractions and labor pain. After 5 years of pregnancy its impossible going back to my old figure but I'm trying to adopt my new one with cautious suspicion and open eyes. I found out that releasing my baby alone is not enough and it needs nursing and the occasional diaper-change. Unwilling to work with a PR company, my chances of reaching music lovers around the world are about 145,652,235 to 1, but I am determined to take as many "natural boosts" as I need to keep me dreaming.
Having released my album only a month ago, I must admit I'm surprised at the amount of enthusiastic reactions from so many people around the world which is very flattering yet very dazzling. Most of the praise comes from people of the "vinyl generation", people who glued enough torn cassette tapes in their life, people who know the real feeling of opening a new vinyl record and putting it under the needle for the first time. People who can appreciate soft toilet paper (yeah, that last one was out of place). The younger audience I find more suspicious of my album and maybe they should be, maybe it takes some life experience and fallen hair to appreciate it (or hate it)!
I know some of you are upset I didn't inform on radio shows I've been a guest on for interviews and live playing but that's what you get when you are…..
Oh well, I'll try to get some of the recorded material and upload it here soon for the exceptionally bored! Saying that, I have to brag that I've been having some success on some Israeli major and local radio stations as well as radio stations in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany and Britain.
I was informed that "Off the Chart" internet radio in the U.K. (that already played a few songs from the album) will be playing the whole album (including the song in Hebrew) as part of the N.U.A. show which will be broadcasted this Saturday 12th March (16:00-19:00 UK time). The album will be played In the middle of the show, here's a link
Apart from that soon will be published an interview on Somojo Magazine (also in the U.K.) and have had many requests from album reviewers around the globe and lots of interest from different music blogs. I promise to publish the reviews here as long as they're good J or funny J or edited J
That's about as much PR as my conscience enables me to do, I'll try to keep it controlled so you guys won't be bored to death…

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